Thursday, March 27, 2008


My mother-in-law, Annette, came to stay with us this week to take care of our girls while they are on Spring Break. I am so grateful that she is here. In addition to taking care of the girls, she has been cooking all week (and making desserts)!

She is very pleasant to visit with; she doesn't mind just hanging out with us, reading, and watching movies.

So today I made her this card. It was a quick card but I really love the way it turned out. It was my first attempt at paper piecing and I think I love this technique.

I used Babs from Rubber Romance, that I bought unmounted from Etsy, and colored with Stampin Up pink passion. I used a glue pen and glitter on the bubbles and a piece of pink printed paper for the background and the paper piecing. I love the way it coordinates. I finished it off by gluing to the bottom a crazy boa that I found at Michaels.

Babs reminds me of Anette because she always takes bubble baths at home. I love bubble baths myself, but rarely get the chance to take one (mostly because I don't want to share a tub with my girls). Annette takes baths almost every day and she even manages to read in the tub!

I'll be sad when Annette goes home for many reasons, but very selfishly I'll miss her because I'll have to cook instead of stamp!


Patti Gingrich said...

You out did yourself with this one! It's fantastic! I love the feathery looks great! :)

Paula said...


I got the link to your blog from Patti. I love this card and the reason you made it. I hope that I will be the sort of MIL like Annette. (I have 4 boys.) Sounds like you have a great relationship.
I'll be back to visit!

stampmonkey said...

So cute!! I just ordered this stamp (I think...I ordered a few and am not certain at the moment which ones I actually purchased -lol). My two-days-shy-of-being-8-year-old daughter was instantly drawn to it as soon as she saw that boa (she's had one just like it -- and I think I'm still vacuuming up the pieces, despite the fact we've moved...and the boa didn't. lol