Monday, May 19, 2008


That was my mom's expression on these flowers that she and my dad sent in celebration of completing my second year of law school. It was a crummy semester, and I wasn't sure it was EVER going to end. But alas, I wrote my fifth and final exam last Thursday and have spend the weekend recuperating.

So Friday, I made my husband, Mark, traipse through our downtown junk stores looking for an old lazy susan for my embellishments. I didn't find a lazy susan, but I found this fabulous wooden spice rack. It was all gunky from years in a kitchen and still had old, dried spices in the bottles. (Yuck!) My daughters helped me clean out the jars and I ran them through the dishwasher. Then I spray painted the shelf (after I washed it and sanded it just a bit to rough up the surface). Since I did a really cursory spray painting job (because I only had a little paint left), I decided it needed to be decorated too. I glued ribbon across the shelves and then glued chipboard flowers from K&Co to the top. I am so excited about how it turned out. The bottles are sparkly clean and most of my embellishments and some of my other supplies fit on it perfectly. I love it!

So today's word is "Yippee!"


Patti Gingrich said...

Yippee! is a great word! :) Congrats on finishing up your second year! I'm glad you were able to "deprocess" this weekend. Fabulous job on the spice rack makeover! Very cute! Now that you're done organizing your craft space, can you come over here and do the same for mine? ;)

Paula said...

Hooray for you! Conrats on being 2/3 done! You are in the home stretch now! I love your spice rack. Very cute. How sweet of your Mom to send flowers.:)