Wednesday, June 18, 2008

M. Joy Jewels

My daughters have been making beaded creations for the last few months with their friend Sarah (click here to see some of Sarah's designs).

Macie's business name is M. Joy Jewels. (M for Macie and Joy is her middle name.) She and Sarah are quite the entrepreneurs; practically all of their teachers and also their principal are sporting their jewels.

Macie made this very cool watch a couple of weeks ago and I just ran across her image of it. She used green circular beads that she filled in with gold seed beads. She picked up this watch head for about $6 at JoAnns.

Macie is also my photographer and my sidekick stamper. She is in Washington state for the summer with her dad. I already miss her smile (and her sister's too)!

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Patti Gingrich said...

Macie did a fantastic job on her watch. I was really impressed when she showed it to me. I miss her too...that little knock on the door...she'll be back before we know it. Hang it there girl! :)