Monday, June 23, 2008


When my dad was in town he fixed my table that is the center of my stamping room. It is a beautiful, sturdy butcher block table that he made for me a long time ago. (When I lived with just my two girls in a little apartment it was our dining room table.) My table suffered a little when we moved to Illinois and it has been wobbly ever since. So, while on vacation, my dad rebuilt the part of the table that keeps it all together. I am so happy it is no longer wobbly and would now survive a hurricane, uh...or a tornado.

I made this quick card to send to my dad to thank him for taking care of this silly project for me. This photo is not that great, but what I wanted to share was my little tab punch. I love how it looks like a file folder. File this one under "Merci!"


Patti Gingrich said...

Your dad's such a nice guy! I'm sure he'll appreciate the card. I do like your little tab punch, but how about that border punch? Martha? Fiskars? Are you holding out on me? ;)

Paula said...

Cute card, Priscilla! Your dad sounds like a sweetie! I am curious about that border punch as well.