Thursday, July 10, 2008

Savannah Sparkles

I found this Cosmos & Mimosa dress from the Le Fleur Couture line by Lockhart Stamp Co. at Stampadoodle. It is perfect for a note to my Savannah, who truly sparkles.

Turns out Lockhart Stamp Co. is from Redmond, WA, same place as Microsoft. Just a little geography trivia.

The "You Sparkle" sentiment must be a Stampadoodle original, as there is no information on the stamp itself. I love this sentiment, it fits just about anyone on any given day! All of the paper is just scraps, so I don't know where it came from. But the exciting part of this card is that it is colored with Copics. I love the sketch tip, makes coloring so easy. I'm not a "shader" or a "blender" yet, but I love the functionality of Copics.

I have a few more Lockhart stamps on my wish list!

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Paula said...

Well, Priscilla, for not being a "shader' or a "blender" yet, I think you did a great job on coloring this! It's beautiful! Can't wait to go to class with you next week. Then we will be :certified" blenders and shaders! haha